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Bill Ostendorf Painting informs clients of all options to meet their needs based on quality expectations and budget. Most paint manufacturers offer 3-4 price levels of paint from $12.00-$51.00 per gallon. I will use any type of paint requested. With labor being 80% of the cost of most paint projects, the best value on an annualized cost basis is using the highest quality paint. There is another option, paint made in Holland, imported by Fine Paints of Europe which retains its beauty for 10-15 years. This paint looks freshly painted after 5 years. Their Hollandlac oil enamel and Eco hybrid, oil resin, water clean-up, low odor are outstanding paints on woodwork.

Making quality affordable is as important today as it was 15 years ago. Strong work ethic, experience and project management make quality affordable. Bill Ostendorf and one other painter with over 10 years experience do all the work. I will not subcontract any project. This has ensured consistent quality over the years. Clients usually receive a quote within 1-3 days after the estimate. Projects under $5000.00 no payment until work is 100% complete.

Bill Ostendorf Painting is fully insured.

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