Common Questions

Why should I prime walls if the walls are already painted?
If inexpensive paint is on the walls, the first coat of paint "soaks" into the walls instead of building a film on the surface. This affects long term wash-ability. When using Eurolux from Fine Paints of Europe, I highly recommend re-priming with Hollandlac oil primer. Cheap paint is a very poor foundation for good paint.

Do I need to use a high quality paint on ceilings?
For bathrooms with showers yes, other rooms $28.00-$32.00 per gallon is fine.

Why do you recommend re-priming, pre-primed woodwork?
Pre-primed woodwork is low quality and chalky. This is a very poor foundation for a latex or oil enamel. The paint will still cover in 2 coats over a low quality primer, however wash-ability will be limited. Request a separate quote for re-priming. When spraying primer the cost is very reasonable.

Why do you recommend sanding decking boards, hand rails and steps instead of power washing?
Sanding with 80 grit sandpaper allows for better adhesion. This is important since water sits on flat surfaces, decking boards, steps, and handrails.

Who will be doing the work at my house?
Myself and one other painter with over 10 years experience will do all the work. This ensures consistent quality for every client. I will never subcontract or use inexperienced painters on any project.

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