Long Life Paint

There is a paint available that is scrubbable and will last 10-15 years. This paint is made in Holland, the world leader in paint quality. Paints from Holland, Eurolux waterborne paint, Hollandlac oil paint, and Eco a hybrid an oil resin with water clean up are head and shoulders above the most expensive domestic paint which costs $51.00 per gallon. Paints from Holland are scrubbable and retain their rich look because quality expectations are very high in Holland and Europe. Average residency in Europe is over 15 years, average residency in the United States is less than 5 years and we repaint with each move. Paints from Holland are made with expensive resins and rich, finely ground pigments. These paints cost between $85 and $97.00 per gallon.

Fords and Chevys are painted with $300.00 per gallon paint. We wash our cars and don't repaint them every 5 years. We have put a man on the moon, developed super computers, done organ transplants and there is a paint that is truly scrubbable and looks freshly painted after 4 years. Since labor is usually 80% of the cost of a paint project, using Dutch paint will add 20% to the cost. A $2000.00 paint project will cost $2400.00, a $5000.00 will cost $6000.00. To faux finish a room will cost more than 20% usually. Holland does not cut quality to cut cost.

Quality is consistently reliable. Paint from Holland is a great alternative for clients that demand beautiful, scrubbable finishes. When using Dutch paint inside, priming walls might be necessary if the surface was previously painted with "construction paint". Though Dutch paint looks great on ceilings it's not necessary to use this paint on ceilings.

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