Basement Remodeling

A great basement starts with room design. One option offered is the use of steel studs instead of wood. There are 2 advantages with steel studs:

1) Steel is always straight, never twists like wood, and results in walls that are always straight. This gives a consistently professional look.

2) If the basement floods wood studs attract mold. Steel does not attract mold. Very few contractors offer steel in basements.

Basements with additional can lights transform a basement into a cheerful, livable space. Every basement is unique. Most basements use a combination of can lights and light fixtures. Light fixtures are less expensive. Using can lights only can add $1000.00-$1500.00 in a 1700 square foot basement. A professional electrician can design the lighting plan. Clients notice the difference.

Custom entertainment centers, a bar with cherry wood finished with 4 coats of Fine Paints of Europe varnish, and other ideas can turn your basement into a suite. Ideas are gold. Great ideas come from great interior designers. Designers are another option for any basement remodel.

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